Things I’m Loving

My sister is studying in Boston at the moment and this is the cute postcard she sent us from her visit to Salem, Massachusetts

I try to make cards for my close family, I particularly enjoy doing lettering, here’s a sneak peek at a birthday card I’ve made for my boyfriend. I was really pleased with how my wax seal turned out

The Great British Bake Off is back! It’s essential to eat something sweet whilst watching this show, so I made some chocolate chunk and nut cookies

Donut peaches, or flat peaches, that’s what I’ve been calling them because they look like someone has sat on them. I don’t know why but they just look more appealing and I’ve been enjoying a lot of them this week, particularly with Greek yogurt

I decided to bring my lava lamp down from the attic, it has been up there for many years and I forgot how amazing it looks. You can see a short video of it working on my Instagram account. And if your interested in buying one, they are still available here.


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