Smooth(ie) Operator

Whilst living with my boyfriends parents in Canada I got really into making smoothies, partly because they had a Magic Bullet blender which was so easy to use. I would usually have them for lunch when I wasn’t sure what to eat or when I got back from the gym and I wanted something healthy.
Even though I love fruit I know I could do with eating more of it, and I find smoothies a really easy and tasty way to get a variety of fruit into your diet with minimum effort.
Luckily my mum grows a lot of fruit in the garden, and when she has too many berries she puts the extra into bags and into the freezer. So for the smoothie I made today I just grabbed a handful of frozen strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries and added that to a sliced banana and almond milk, blended it for 10 seconds and it was ready to drink.

I have to mention my mums blender, it is a thing of beauty and these perfect straws from Ikea, they’re extra wide, making them great for smoothies and I love the colours.




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