Lancôme Limited Edition

I’ve chosen to talk about Lancôme for my first beauty post because it was the first beauty brand I ever worked for, I learnt so much from this brand and so it holds a special place in my heart.
I remembered today that I have a box of Lancôme limited edition products hidden away in my cupboard. These products were given to me at Lancôme training sessions where the beauty consultants would be taught about new products being launched for the season. I did use all the products I was given because we would be expected to wear and understand them, but when it came to the limited edition products they were so special and beautiful I use to keep them untouched in their original boxes.
And that is how they still are today. Some of them are so creative and unique, I’m not sure if Lancôme still make anything like it. I’ve taken a few photos so you can enjoy them too.

L.U.C.I Eyes- two beautiful iridescent eyeshadows in a clam, including a pearl on the mirror inside

Lancôme is famous for its Juicy Tubes lip glosses, this particular one was limited because the fashion designer Christopher Kane designed the packaging and also this purse which was a free gift

Destiny Cube- designed to look like a game, it has two eyeshadows at one end and two lip colours at the other end

Palette Liberte- Lancôme usually uses black or silver for their packaging but because this range was all about blue and gold, they made container gold with Lancôme roses all over the lid. Precious Carat- this diamond shaped container has a glittery lipgloss pressed inside

Lotus Splendor- a gold pod that opens up to reveal two eyeshadows and two lip colours

Tresor perfume has been around for quite a long time but this box was launched when Kate Winslet became the new face for the perfume. And Magnifique perfume was launched whilst I was working for the company and Anne Hathaway was chosen to be the face for this perfume.

I still can’t believe I resisted the temptation to use these products!


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