Things I’m Loving

Just borrowed this book from the library. I love the 1920s and this book tells the story of an optimistic and energetic America before the Great Depression

This is a new app I downloaded that imitates typing on an old-fashioned typewriter. I love it for two reason, one- it makes all those satisfying typewriter sounds including the ding when you start a new line, and two- it was created by Tom Hanks, as in the famous Oscar winning actor, who apparently is a big lover and collector of vintage typewriters

So British, so retro, so yummy. I bought these just because it’s one of those treats I haven’t had in so many years, and I just found out they now make them with dark chocolate

A couple of Topshop purchases. I don’t know if I’m doing this eyeshadow justice but it’s gold and pink and amazingly sparkly. Most of the time I opt for simple, delicate pieces of jewellery and I’ve had my eye on these studs for a while, when I saw they were the last pair in the shop I had to buy them

Yes that is hundreds of tiny items of clothing on the washing line. I’ve spent a good few days this week going through boxes of my old toys from the attic and cleaning them. Some will be going to the charity shop but there’s a few I still can’t part with, like these Sylvanian Family characters and my Barbie dolls, one day I hope to pass them on to my children


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