Nailed it!

I love having neat polished nails, I think it’s a small touch that can make you look more put together, and I like to paint them a different colour each week. One week they might be mint green, then the next week they’ll be lilac or coral, and I find the best time to do it is when I’m watching a programme so I can guarantee they will be fully dry before I knock them against anything.
This post is about a few nail varnish brands I like as well as other nail products I use.

This is how I store my nail varnishes on my shelf. The acrylic organisers are from Target in Canada but I’ve also seen similar ones in TK Maxx in England. I recently bought this Muji acrylic stand so I can display them on top of each other, which helps to save space on my shelf for other things. Some people think I have a lot of nail varnishes but I actually think I don’t in comparison to how many colours there are out there, but I’m trying to be selective so that my collection doesn’t get too out of control.

Here’s three of my favourite brands:
1. Essie– this brand is very popular and even though they are not my favourite to apply I buy them because of the colour range (also the great names, like ‘Bikini So Teeny’). I think they aren’t too expensive either, I tend to buy one at a time so I don’t suddenly find I’ve spent £50 on nail varnish! Mine were actually all bought in Canada because they are slightly cheaper, I like to pick one or two up whilst I’m over there.
2. Barry M– I think this is probably the brand that got me back into wearing nail varnish. At £2.99 each they are incredibly affordable and they became my go to brand whilst I was at university. Even though they are cheap they apply really well and don’t chip easily, and again they have good choice of colours, but also effects, like matte, glittery, textured, and metallic.
3. Lancôme Vernis In Love– I never hear much spoken about the Lancôme polishes which I think is a shame because they are my favourite to apply, they go on so smooth and flawless. When I worked for Lancôme a lot of younger customers would say isn’t Lancôme for old ladies, but when Emma Watson became the face for the brand I think she made the products much more appealing to a younger market. The Vernis In Love collection was promoted by Emma and she definitely made me want to buy them, the choice of colours still had that Parisian chic element but they are also fun and modern. At £13 each they are the priciest of all the nail varnishes I buy, so these are definitely a treat.

I bought this Paul & Joe nail varnish remover on a day out in Brighton because I love it’s old fashioned glamorous look, and when the nail varnish ran out I thought there’s no way I’m going to throw the bottle away. Instead I buy the Boots nail varnish remover mainly because the liquid is pink, and refill the Paul & Joe bottle, which I think looks much prettier on my dressing table.

A couple of other essentials. I hate nail clippers, I find them a bit brutal, so I prefer just to use a nail file to get the shape I want. I’m not sure if you can still get this Ciate Perfect Paint Job pen, it is pretty old but still works well at tidying up any mistakes around the edges of my nails, here’s a similar one. And finally, Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, a classic, I apply this every night before bed.


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