Counting down to Christmas

First Christmassy post of the year! And I know for some of you November is still too early and you don’t want to hear about it but I’m afraid I love Christmas and I’m pretty proud of myself for resisting the urge to mention it in September. And in my defence advent calendars need to be thought about before December anyway ūüėÄ

An advent calendar is used to count down the days in anticipation of Christmas, starting on the 1st December and usually ending on the 24th December. In the UK they are very popular, particularly the ones that contain chocolate and it is very common to find them in every supermarket for as little as a couple of pounds.
But I wanted to see what other varieties are available online and on the highstreet that offer something a little different or are a bit more luxurious, I particularly like the ones that you fill yourself as they can be used again and again each year.

Please leave a comment and let me know how you celebrate the count down to Christmas in your country.

You can now view my 2015 advent post HERE

£20 and under

1- Iced Gingerbread Advent Calendar £12 2- Pop up Nativity Tree Advent Calendar £17.95 3- Toyshop Advent Calendar £8.95 4- Christmas Advent Fill Your Own Crackers £10 5- Pattern Advent Candle £4 6- Liberty Tudor Building Advent Calendar £9.95

£49 and under

1- Wood Scandi Houses Advent £40 2- Prestat The Finest Truffles Advent Calendar £30 3- Ciate a Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar £49 4- Topshop Freedom Advent Jewellery Calendar £25 5- Yankee Candle Christmas Past Advent Calendar House £29

£50 and over

1- The Best of the Body Shop Advent Calendar ¬£50 2- Fortnum’s Wooden Advent Calendar ¬£90 3- Wedgewood Iconic 24 piece Advent Calendar ¬£12,000 4- Selfridges Advent Calendar ¬£85


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