A Very British Christmas

When I think of Britain I think London, when I think of London I think of famous landmarks and shopping, in particular four very British Department stores: Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty, and Fortnum & Mason. Obviously there is more to Britain than that, but I want to focus just on these stores for this post because I feel at Christmas they really excel in creating very British themed decorations, cards, and gifts that are traditional but also fun. Maybe your feeling a bit patriotic or your looking for a British souvenir, here’s a few ideas I wanted to share…


1- Harrods Architecture Cosmetic Bag 2- Christmas Tree Decorations: Harrods Van, London Landmarks bauble, Harrods Star (no longer available on their website) 3- London Attractions Map Magnetic Puzzle 4- Harrods Christmas Bear 5- Guardsman Key Ring


1- I Love London Bauble 2- Santa Over London Christmas Card 3- Big Ben Hand Warmer 4- London Snow Globe 5- Queen Victoria Christmas Tree Decoration


1- Prestat London Truffle Box 2- Royal Corgi Decoration & Beefeater Decoration 3- Liberty Milk Chocolate Coin 4- Red Bus Card Set 5- Liberty Mug

Fortnum & Mason

1- Christmas Tea Hamper 2- Biscuit Tin 3- Fortnums Shopper Charm 4- Christmas Bag For Life 5- Taxi Tree Ornament & Doorman Tree Ornament


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