What a cracker!

Usually filled with a rubbish joke, a badly fitting paper hat, and another cheap bottle opener you really don’t need, yep it’s the Christmas Cracker.
It’s another element of Christmas I feel I must partake in every year because it’s traditional and looks pretty on the dining table. In my house we’ve taken to opening the crackers and adding in a few extra gifts like chocolates and scratch cards to make them more exciting. But if your willing to pay a bit more there are some interesting and different crackers already out there, such as the ‘Just 5 Things Game’ crackers and the ‘Cluedo’ crackers that contain games for all the family to get involved in.

1- Cluedo Crackers 2- London Scene Crackers 3- Flittered Reindeer Crackers 4- Multicoloured Geo Crackers 5- Just 5 Things Game Crackers 6- Gingerbread Men Kids Crackers

1- Jolly Santa Crackers 2Gold, Silver, and Copper Crackers 3- Brussel Sprouts Crackers 4- Edenham Print Superior Crackers 5Christmas Pudding Crackers 6- Meri Meri Nutcracker Mini Crackers


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