Store Love – Drake General Store

Drake General Store describes themselves as a traditional hotel gift shop, a classic general store, a flea market stand, and a museum shop all rolled into one. They stock a mix of classic and modern goods that are both whimsical and nostalgic, and they design each of their stores to reflect the neighbourhoods they are located in.
This is a store I’ve seen mentioned quite a lot by other bloggers and on Instagram, and they have recently introduced pop up stores into the Hudson Bay but I was pleased to visit the flagship store last week when I was in Toronto.
Here’s some of my favourite products…

1- Malin & Goetz Carry-On Essentials Kit 2- Falconwright Hands Cardholder (similar here) 3- Cross Enamelware Milk Pan 4- Macaron Trinket Box 5- Pizza Ornament 6- Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars

1- Ontario Poster (similar here) 2- Sweet Treats 3- Macaron Ornament 4- Canadian Postcards 5- Tis the Season Greeting Card 6- Heart Spoke Reflector

1- Wellness Gel 2- Canada Mason Jar Mug 3- Cross Cotton Towel 4- Burger Ornament 5- Hangover Tea 6- Hockey Night Toque


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