Things I’m Loving

Back home in my parents house, getting a taste of Spring with these white Hyacinths

Adult colouring books, it’s a thing and apparently it’s becoming quite popular. My sister bought me this pocket version, it’s a great way to occupy yourself on long journeys and relax in the evenings. Also note the yellow tape dispenser which was a Christmas gift for my mum from Antony and she loves it

It finally came!! My H&M purchases, these always seem to be out of stock when I look online so when they finally came back in stock I ordered one of each. I really like the look of marble at the moment and I think these look much more expensive than they actually are, the small dish was only £1.99!

I find it so satisfying to use up a product and I seemed to have finished lots at the same time which means I can start 2015 with lots of fresh new products

The ceramic poppy my parents ordered arrived in this beautiful box. It’s amazing to think it was one of those 888,246 poppies in the sea of red at the Tower of London


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