Things I’m Loving + A little update

Things have been a little quiet on here lately I’m afraid. The reason for this is firstly because I have been working a lot but I have also been busy making plans with Antony. 

A couple of weeks ago he flew in from Canada and I met him at Heathrow Airport so we could travel up to Colchester together for a few days to see his family, we then caught a train back down to Devon to stay with my parents for two weeks. There will be a couple of posts to come about some of the places we have visited. 

Finally, I have also decided to fly back to Canada with Antony next week and I will be staying with him in Ottawa for the summer. 

Here’s some of the things I’ve been loving from the last couple of weeks… 

 Colchester Castle – The largest Norman Keep in Europe, constructed on the foundations of the Temple of Claudius, built when Colchester was the first Roman capital of Britain, and completed in around 1100

Colchester Zoo –  It’s the biggest zoo I’ve ever been to and I was very impressed with the variety of animals they had. In this photo we are inside the lemur walk through enclosure  

 Searching for fossils in Charmouth on the Jurassic Coast – I was really pleased to find four small ammonites  

 Finding Nemo at the Plymouth National Marine Aquarium 

 I just bought this make-up bag from H&M, I’m really drawn to cactus illustrations at the moment. (nail polish is ‘Play Date’ by Essie)


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