Cabin in the Woods

No this isn’t a blog post about the horror/thriller movie, I have actually just got back from spending the weekend in a cabin in the woods. Antony’s friend Ben and his parents own a plot of land on an island overlooking a lake near Huntsville, Ontario. The island has several other families and couples staying on it, and the particular part of the island we were staying on has a cabin (or cottage as they call it here) which contains a kitchen, living area and two bedrooms, also another separate little building for sleeping in, and an outhouse for doing ‘you know what’ in. 

To get there it was a pretty tiring but scenic 5 hour drive that took us through Algonquin Park (where I saw a moose for the first time).  

      Then Ben’s Dad picked us up in their boat and took us across the lake to the island where their dogs were waiting to greet us on the dock. 

This is the main building where had breakfast and sat and played cards. There is also a BBQ around the back and by the edge of the lake they have a fire pit (I gave myself the job of getting the fire started each night and keeping it burning) where we sat and toasted marshmallows and had a few drinks in the evening, the view of the stars was pretty spectacular.  

    This is the little building I slept in, it made me feel like a kid at summer camp 

Back to basics, this is the outhouse which took a little getting use to but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be 

    It was very relaxing sitting up here in the mornings listening to the water lap up against the rocks and watching people kayak across the lake 

            Ben took us on a walk around the island so we could see some of the other cabins, I fell in love with the cabin in the third photo which was slightly more modern looking with loads of windows and some nice designer furniture inside. Ben also took us out on the boat which was so much fun and over to some cliffs so we could jump into the water (I was too much of a wuss to do it but I enjoyed the view). 

  On the drive back home we made a much needed stop for ice cream, believe it or not the portion size I bought was a small! I choose one scoop of Blueberry Cheesecake and one of Rum & Raisin, and while I was eating it this massive butterfly decided to land on my foot.

Overall it was a good trip and another new Canadian experience for me.


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