Cabin Fever

Since I got back from staying at the cabin this weekend I’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to have my own cabin in a woods or by a lake and also how I would decorate it. 

There are so many accounts on Instagram which are filled with lots of camping/adventure/outdoor inspiration and they really get me in the mood to put some hiking boots on, grab a flask and get out into the great outdoors. I’ll put the link to some of their accounts below…






I’ve also put together I few of my favourite items that I think are really useful to have whilst staying in a cabin and also a few that just add to that perfect cabin look. 

 1- Tete-a-Tete Patio Chairs & Table  2- Plaid Cushion  3- Silver Bark Blanket  4- Wind Up, Solar & Rechargeable Radio  

 1- Deluxe BBQ  2- Firefork  3- Match Safe  4- Campfire Travel Candle 

 1- Mason Jar Utensil Holder Set  2- Cabin Broom  3- Enamel Mug  4- Metal First Aid Kit 

1- Keep Exploring Pennant  2- Wild & Free Banner  3- Small Adventure’s Poster  4- Faux Antlers Wall Mount 

 1- Mountain & Pine Notebooks  2- The Northwest Patches Collection  3- Hudson’s Bay Company Axe  4- Four-in-a-row Game


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