crazy cactus lady

I’ve been noticing a lot lately online and particularly on Instagram illustrations and prints on fabrics of things like palm trees, flamingos, and donuts which I love but mainly at moment I’m finding myself drawn to anything with a cactus on it. 

I think the obsession grew when I bought THIS make up bag from H&M, I love it so much, I even bought the beach bag in the same design and I had to talk myself out of buying the flip flops too. It appeals to me because when I see it I think of California and deserts and sunshine and on a grey day like today I need a little help getting in the mood for summer.

Here’s a few other tempting cactus designs… 

 1- Cactus Dog Chew Toy (cute dog not included) 2- Cactus Cookie Cutter  3- Clear Cactus iPhone Cover  4- Cactus Candles  5- Palm Springs Wall Stickers 

 1- Green Cactus Watercolour Print 2- Paddle Cactus Print 3- Wilder California Cactus Art Print  4- Cactus Print


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