Store Love – Old Faithful Shop

I was lucky enough to actually visit this store because it opened just before we left Vancouver. I discovered it one day whilst wandering around Gastown and I remember texting Antony telling him he has to come to this cool store with me. I took him to visit Old Faithful Shop a couple of days later and his first reaction was “this is such a hipster shop” haha, well it kind of is but that’s one of the reasons I like it. 

So, as always here’s some of my favourite items from the store… 

 1- Vancouver Market Bag  2- 40 Watt Edison Bulb Light  3- Glass Citrus Juicer 4- Oatmeal Bar Soap  5- Mast Brothers Chocolate  6- Kent Folding Comb 7- Orbit Terrarium  8- Mocha Coffee Syrup

 1- Marble Cheeseboard 2- Tweed Fathers Day Card 3- Salted Caramel Sauce  4- Twine Stand with Scissors 5- The Curious Baristas Guide to Coffee 6- Pour Over Kettle  7- Canvas Laundry Cart


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