1000 Islands, NY

My blog is FINALLY working again, so now I’m playing catchup to tell you everything that has been going on with me over the last couple of months, including one pretty big milestone in my life which I’ll talk about soon.
From where we live in Ontario it’s only a couple of hours drive down to the U.S. border and the state directly below us is New York. It’s pretty easy to make a day trip down to America so I looked up somewhere interesting we could visit and Thousand Islands had quite a lot to offer. There are several towns on both the Canadian and U.S. side that border along the St. Lawrence River and the eastern shores of Lake Ontario but we chose to go to Alexandria Bay because 1: I wanted to visited New York State (it’s my mission in life to visit every state) and 2: there was a particularly good boat tour leaving from this town that takes you all around the islands giving you a history about the houses and people that lived there.  1000 Islands Bridge taking us into New York State        

     We booked a scenic cruise with Uncle Sam Boat Tours, and chose to do their most popular tour called ‘Two Nation Tour’ which was just over 2 hours long taking us through American and Canadian watersOur tour boat the ‘Alexandria Belle’      

The tour finishes at Boldt Castle, giving passengers the opportunity to tour the grounds and property. We decided to do this and I will share our experience with you in my next post


2 thoughts on “1000 Islands, NY

  1. I have to plan a visit here soon! I love your photos! You should check out Woodstock, NY. It’s a great little nook. I just wrote about on my travel blog. You should check it out: onweekendswewander.wordpress.com


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