Boldt Castle

Continuing on from my last post where our boat tour took us around 1000 Islands, we were then dropped off at Boldt Castle which is on its own island named ‘Heart Island’. Some passengers chose to go straight back to the dock at Alexandria Bay but I was very keen to look around the castle, if you like a tragic love story you will probably find the history of the castle interesting too. I’ll give you a brief story about the castle, but more can been found here.

In 1900 a millionaire named George C. Boldt decided to build a grand 120 room castle in Alexandria Bay as a symbol of his love for his wife Louise. But, in 1904 tragedy struck when his wife suddenly died, George ordered all building work on the castle to stop as he could never live in his dream castle without his beloved wife. Broken-hearted George C. Boldt never set foot on Heart Island again and the castle was left unfinished.

The castle is now a very popular tourist attraction and several million dollars has been spent to restore and improve the property. We can now see what many of the rooms would have looked like if Boldt had completed his project. Here’s some photos from our visit… 



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