Happy Canada Day!

I wasn’t sure if I should even bother uploading this post to my blog since it’s so old now. The lateness is due to the fact that I’ve been having big issues with my wordpress app and uploading photos, it’s been constantly crashing and I haven’t been able to do anything but sit and wait for WordPress to fix the problem.

This was suppose to go up on July 1st, it’s now September 16th! But oh well, life doesn’t always go to plan, and I quite like the photos so here’s the post anyway…

This is the first time I’ve been in the capital for Canada Day and we were very unlucky with the weather, apparently it was the first time it has rained on Canada Day in 10 years, yay! So the flyover was cancelled and it was pretty wet and muddy everywhere but that didn’t seem to dampen most people’s spirits.

The buses were free which was a bonus and as were most of the museums and galleries, so we headed downtown and firstly visited the Canadian War Museum which neither Antony or myself had been to before and then walked to Parliment Hill to join the crowds and celebrations.

I’ve added a few Canadian themed photos below.

 This ‘Canada’ banner was such a great find from dollarama for $1.50       Rosie getting into Canadian spirit with her maple leaf neckscarf   Music on stage outside Parliament I decided to make a red and white themed dessert so I chose a cherry cheesecake (recipe found here)


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