Our Vermont Wedding

I have some news I’d like to share. Antony and I got married! The news may come as a bit of a surprise since I haven’t mentioned anything about us being engaged or planning a wedding. This is because both Antony and I are not a fan of weddings at all but we loved the idea of being married to each other so after lots of discussions we decided to keep the whole event as simple and intimate as possible, and so in August we drove down to Vermont and got married at a beautiful Inn in Arlington, just me, Antony and Reverend Lovejoy (I promise I did not make that up, that is his name).

I’m sure a lot of people will think we sound crazy not to have our families there with us but luckily for us our parents completely understood and respected our decision to have the wedding the way we wanted it. And Antony and I felt that the day was perfect and so relaxed, it couldn’t have gone better. 

I’m not going to go into loads of details about our ceremony, our vows, what we wore etc (unless someone is interested, then they can send me a message) instead I wanted to share some images of the Inn we stayed in. Partly because the location was picture perfect but also because the Innkeepers Clint and Julia Dickens were so lovely, kind, and generous to us that I really want to give them a bit of free publicity and encourage you all to book a stay with them.

Okay, I’ll share one photo of the ceremony. This is one of my favourites, it’s the moment I became a Mrs, plus I painted my own nails and I’m pretty impressed with how neat they look. The polish is Essie’s ‘bikini so teeny’ (I thought it could be my ‘something blue’). 

The Inn we stayed in was also the location for our wedding ceremony, it was called the Inn on Covered Bridge Green. We choose it because when I saw the image online of the covered bridge, the little white chapel, and then the white clapboard house in the distance and it just said to me “you won’t get a more New England setting than this”. And then when I found out it was the former home of one of my favourite artists Norman Rockwell I literally said “this place couldn’t be any more perfect”. 

                       After our wedding ceremony Julia surprised us with these delicious treats.

We didn’t want to head straight home from Vermont so we decided to continue driving through Vermont to New Hampshire, then to Maine and back again. It was kind of like a mini honeymoon and I’ll be sharing some of the highlights of the trip on the blog.


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