Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour

In my mind you can’t visit Vermont without stopping at the Ben & Jerry’s Factory, and since we just happened (I totally planned it) to be staying in a hotel 5 minutes down the road from the factory it would be rude not to pop in. 

The first time I tried Ben & Jerry’s ice cream was when I was 5 years old, I’m pretty sure it was ‘Cherry Garcia’ flavour and it was on our first big family holiday to New England. This was before is was possible to buy it in the UK and when we eventually could get hold of it back home my sister and I would often ask for it for Easter or our birthdays as a treat. So my love for Ben & Jerry’s goes way back.

To take a tour of the factory it costs $4 for an adult and although the tour is very short, about 30 minutes, I would definitely recommend doing it. There’s a fun film at the start telling you the history of the company, then you are taken to a viewing area above the factory production line where you can look down on the workers producing and packaging the ice cream (you’re not allowed to take photos at that point), and the tour ends with a pretty large sample, we had ‘Triple Caramel Chunk’.

I bought a couple of postcards and a sticker for my suitcase, I love how colourful and fun their designs are  


3 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour

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  2. Great fun, but we still haven’t visited the ice cream Mecca. Of course, we still have our own list of places to see. All the same, a few reminders of what we haven’t hit, are most welcome.


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