Ogunquit & Kennebunkport, Maine

The final US State on our honeymoon trip is Maine. Maine is a State I have actually been to before, but as 5 year old, so quite a while ago. I had a bit of a mission to visit a couple of places that I know I had been to before and see if I remembered or recognised them. Firstly, Ogunquit Beach, my mum told me it was very quiet when we first went there, well this time Antony and I went in the height of summer and it was definitely tourist season. The beach was pretty busy and so were the cafes, it was also quite hard to find somewhere to park, but we were only stopping to have some lunch on the beach so we didn’t mind.          Our destination for the next couple of nights was Kennebunkport, which was the other town I’d been to before as a child. And here I really did get a strange familiar feeling that I’d been here before. It was also one of my favourite places we visited on this trip, everyone was so friendly, all the houses were beautiful, we enjoyed a sunset walk across the beach, and tried lobster for the first time.                           


4 thoughts on “Ogunquit & Kennebunkport, Maine

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  3. I was born and brought up in Maine then traveled as an adult, but made my way back here again to New England. A beautiful area, congratulations and beautiful photos!


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