Arm Candy

I had an email a while back from the UK shop Accessorize updating me with their new products that had just arrived in store, and when I saw the chocolate milk carton bag (shown below) it just made me smile. Since then I’ve been seeing a lot of bags by a company called Skinny Dip London cropping up on Instagram which have the same playful style. If you’re someone who likes to make a statement or just have lots of fun with your outfits I think these novelty bags are brilliant. 

They’re also a great conversation starter, if I met someone with one of these bags I would definitely feel the need to ask them where they got it from and comment on how cool I think it is. I’m sure some people will think they’re a little childish looking but personally even as a 27 year old I think I would wear quite a few of these to jazz up a black dress on an evening out. I particularly like the watermelon slice clutch bag to take out on a hot summers evening.

1- Glittery Rocket Handbag (this one is actually from the kids section, but I loved it so much I thought I’d add it in anyway) 2- Pineapple Crossbody Bag  3- Chocolate Milk Carton Bag  4- Watermelon Clutch Bag  5- Wow Suitcase Bag  6- Metallic Robot Bag 

 1- Cat Bag  2- Planet Bag  3- Star Bag  4- Mermaid Shell Bag  5- To Have and To Hold Clutch  6- Unicorn Tears Bag

And for those of you with a slightly larger budget…

 1- Mini Bar Clutch  2- Eiffel Tower Leather Clutch  3- Glittery Box Clutch  4- Jackpot Box Clutch  5- Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch


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