Store Love – Labour and Wait

Labour and Wait was established in the year 2000 in East London. They describe the range of products they sell as timeless and functional for everyday life, which is exactly why I’m drawn to them. I like that old-school utility style but I also want the product to be effective at the job it’s made for. I’m trying not to get too repetitive on my blog but many of the other ‘Store Love’ blogposts I’ve done share a similar esthetic as Labour and Wait such as Schoolhouse Electric Co and A.G. Hendy & Co. So if you like these kinds of products you might enjoy those stores too, it’s definitely on my list of stores to visit when I next go to London.

                1- Glass  2- Marbled Enamel Mug  3- Marbled Enamel Cereal Bowl  4- Preserving Jar

  1- Corn Broom  2- Enamel Bucket Sink  3- Feather Duster  4- Bottle Brushes

 1- Canvas Apron  2- Celluloid Pencil Case  3- Toothbrush  4- Cabin Throw 

 1- Hurricane Lamp  2- Blackboard  3- Housekeepers Bucket 4- Collator


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