Stocking Fillers -For Grownups

When I was a child one of my favourite things about Christmas morning was opening the presents in my stocking that was hanging at the end of my bed. This was because I didn’t have to wait for everyone else in the house to wake up, I could be up at 6am, sat on my bed surrounded by all the treats “Santa” left me whilst my family were still fast asleep.

I haven’t had a stocking for quite a few years now, but I still think it’s a part of Christmas that adults can enjoy too, it doesn’t have to be just for children. Stocking are particularly useful for storing all those little gifts that can get lost under the tree. Some of the gifts I would often find in my stocking were bubble bath, stationary, nail varnish, and always a bag of chocolate coins.

I’ve seen gift guides before on other blogs where the stocking stuffer ideas have been really expensive items, and that always annoys me because personally I don’t think they need to be that expensive, I just see them as fun little extra gifts. So I’m going to try and keep my price range under £20/$40.

Stockings1- Knitted Tree Christmas Stocking  2- Embroidered Stocking  3- Monogram Stocking 4- White Figure Skate Stocking  5- Holiday Knit Fair Isle Stocking  6- Scandinavian Stocking

1- Merry Argyle Stocking  2- Layered Snowflake Stocking  3- Jingle Velvet Stocking  4- Quilted Velvet Stocking  5- The Little White Company Reindeer Stocking  6- Popstripe Stocking

Gifts for Ladies Les Femmes 2016 Desk Calendar // Biscuit Shaped Chocolates // Watermelon Cotton Buds // Alphabet Scented Candle // Candle Wick Trimmer // Plumage Writing Pen // Open Star Hoop Earrings // Nails Inc Alexa Camo Nail Polish // Grey Fair Isle Socks // 2016 Diary // Fluffy Faux Fur Key Ring

Gifts for Men Camper Socks // Korres Mint Tea Showergel // Moustache Grooming Kit // Arrow Cocktail Picks // Skinnydip Pop Art Stickers // Long Scented Matches // The Gentlemans Guide To Cocktails Book // Salt and Worth Travel Mug // Black Fairisle Beanie // Toasted Chocolate Bar // Kent & Sons Shaving Gift Set // Tattoo Colouring Book 


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