Things I’m Loving

One of my favourite ice sculptures from the Ottawa Winterlude festival. The weather had warmed up slightly last week so sadly a lot of the sculptures had melted and collapsed. 

Exploring Chinatown in Ottawa for the first time, we’ll definitely be back to try out some of the restaurants and grab a bubbletea when the weather gets warmer. We also found some great street art which you can check out on my Instagram account.

Usually I make the small, fat, ‘American style’ pancakes throughout the year, but when Shrove Tuesday comes around I prefer to make them crepe style with lemon and sugar which makes it feel more like a treat.  

I saw this make up bag on the ASOS website a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It’s by a brand called Skinnydip which I love, I think it’s so fun, plus the Pom Pom is detachable so perfect to put on your handbag. So when ASOS sent me a 10% off code for my birthday of course I went and ordered it, I’m really excited for it to arrive this week. 

I love it when small independent shops make an effort to be creative with their window displays. This is a card shop down the road from me called The Village Quire.


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