Polperro, Cornwall 

In my last post I said how I was back in Ottawa and things would be slowing down, well that wasn’t exactly the case. Not long after I returned to Ottawa I was granted permanent residency in Canada, which happened a lot quicker than I thought it would, then Antony got offered a job in Toronto and we found ourselves rushing down the Toronto to look for an apartment, luckily after only 3 days of looking we found a place in midtown that we liked, and by the end of July we had left Ottawa and started a new life in Toronto.

It was quite stressful but also very exciting, and I’m sure many of you can understand that when you move to a new city especially one as big as Toronto all you want to do is explore explore explore. So I haven’t really found the time to blog but I do want to share all my new experiences with you so I’ll try to be more active on here.

First of all I’d like to finish sharing the photos from my time back in England and then I’ll get stuck into the Toronto posts. These photos are from our day out down to Polperro in Cornwall to enjoy a picnic on the beach and wander the narrow streets looking at all the fishermans cottages.


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