Polperro, Cornwall 

In my last post I said how I was back in Ottawa and things would be slowing down, well that wasn’t exactly the case. Not long after I returned to Ottawa I was granted permanent residency in Canada, which happened a lot quicker than I thought it would, then Antony got offered a job in Toronto and we found ourselves rushing down the Toronto to look for an apartment, luckily after only 3 days of looking we found a place in midtown that we liked, and by the end of July we had left Ottawa and started a new life in Toronto.

It was quite stressful but also very exciting, and I’m sure many of you can understand that when you move to a new city especially one as big as Toronto all you want to do is explore explore explore. So I haven’t really found the time to blog but I do want to share all my new experiences with you so I’ll try to be more active on here.

First of all I’d like to finish sharing the photos from my time back in England and then I’ll get stuck into the Toronto posts. These photos are from our day out down to Polperro in Cornwall to enjoy a picnic on the beach and wander the narrow streets looking at all the fishermans cottages.


Dartington Hall Estate Part 2

I’ve been a terrible blogger because I went back to England in April for 2 months and its now June and I haven’t spoken about anything I did whilst I was there.

The main reason I went back to England was to see my family. It had been 11 months since we had seen each other properly (other than on FaceTime), which is the longest time we’ve ever been apart. Whenever I go back to my parents house we always try to fit in a good few trips out and about around Devon and Cornwall for walks, picnics, shopping, and just general wandering about. I really enjoyed my time in England and since I’m now back in Canada and things have slowed down a bit I felt I should sit down and share some photos of a few of the places we visited.

One of our first outings was to Dartington Hall, which I have mentioned on the blog before which is why I named this blog post part 2. If you’re interested our other trip to Dartington Hall it can be seen HERE

Portland, Maine

My final post from our honeymoon trip around New England is about Portland, Maine. So many people had said to us that if we go to Maine we should visit Portland and since we were staying in Kennebunkport it was only a short drive away for us. Usually I’m super organised and I plan a bit of an itinerary for each place we visit but with Portland I decided to just wing it. We wandered around a few shops and then decided as this was our last day in Maine we needed one more fix of seafood so we went to the very popular Portland Lobster Co and I had a delicious crab cake burger. After lunch we took a boat cruise called the ‘Lighthouse Lovers Cruise‘ with a boat company called Portland Discovery Land & Sea Tours so we could enjoy the Maine coastline and see all those lighthouses that Maine is so famous for.                  

Ogunquit & Kennebunkport, Maine

The final US State on our honeymoon trip is Maine. Maine is a State I have actually been to before, but as 5 year old, so quite a while ago. I had a bit of a mission to visit a couple of places that I know I had been to before and see if I remembered or recognised them. Firstly, Ogunquit Beach, my mum told me it was very quiet when we first went there, well this time Antony and I went in the height of summer and it was definitely tourist season. The beach was pretty busy and so were the cafes, it was also quite hard to find somewhere to park, but we were only stopping to have some lunch on the beach so we didn’t mind.          Our destination for the next couple of nights was Kennebunkport, which was the other town I’d been to before as a child. And here I really did get a strange familiar feeling that I’d been here before. It was also one of my favourite places we visited on this trip, everyone was so friendly, all the houses were beautiful, we enjoyed a sunset walk across the beach, and tried lobster for the first time.                           

Portsmouth, New Hampshire 

After crossing the state of Vermont we made it to New Hampshire and stayed in Portsmouth for a couple of days. After all the hills and greenery of Vermont it was a refreshing change to be on the coast, I’ve always lived by the sea, and so it makes me feel at ease to smell the sea air and see all the fishing boats, and it always gives me a craving to eat fish and chips.    We stayed in a pretty trendy boutique hotel called the Hotel Portsmouth, it was beautifully decorated and right in the middle of town so we could walk to all the shops and restaurants.          Whilst in Portsmouth we visited the Strawbery Banke Museum, which was highly recommended and a great way to learn about the history of everyday life in Portsmouth from 1695 through to 1954 by exploring heritage gardens, historic buildings, and listening to stories told by costumed actors.