Allan Gardens Conservatory 

Allan Gardens was founded in 1858 by local politician George Allan who offered the Toronto Horticultural Society a 5 acre plot of land to develop a garden, the cast-iron glass domed Palm House was built in 1910, making it one of the oldest parks in Toronto. The conservatory is open 365 days a year with free entry and I found it to be the perfect tranquil escape from the busy city.


Things I’m Loving

Back home in my parents house, getting a taste of Spring with these white Hyacinths

Adult colouring books, it’s a thing and apparently it’s becoming quite popular. My sister bought me this pocket version, it’s a great way to occupy yourself on long journeys and relax in the evenings. Also note the yellow tape dispenser which was a Christmas gift for my mum from Antony and she loves it

It finally came!! My H&M purchases, these always seem to be out of stock when I look online so when they finally came back in stock I ordered one of each. I really like the look of marble at the moment and I think these look much more expensive than they actually are, the small dish was only £1.99!

I find it so satisfying to use up a product and I seemed to have finished lots at the same time which means I can start 2015 with lots of fresh new products

The ceramic poppy my parents ordered arrived in this beautiful box. It’s amazing to think it was one of those 888,246 poppies in the sea of red at the Tower of London

Things I’m Loving

Always a beautiful selection of flowers at this florist in Totnes, Devon

So much fun to be had with these cookies from IKEA, I probably spend more time trying to make words than actually eating them

Window shopping at Mortimer’s Antique jewellery shop in Exeter, Devon. I’ll have that one, that one, and that one please!

Tickets booked to go back to Canada for Christmas, I’m very excited as this will be the first Christmas Antony and I have spent together

Wearing more muted nail varnish colours for Autumn, this one is called Port de Bras from Topshop

Things I’m Loving

As you may already know my boyfriend Antony and I are currently doing the long distance thing, and I’m sure a lot of you can relate when I say it’s not much fun at all. Totally out of the blue the other day Antony sent me this card. Not only do I think it is such a sweet design but also the positive and loving words he wrote inside made my week. Who knew he was such a romantic!

Pretty much anything French looking or related to Paris I love, and this range caught my eye in Marks and Spencer. I’ve been impressed lately with the beauty department in M&S, they are bringing brands to my city that I couldn’t get hold of before like Nuxe and Ren

Home made apple pie made with apples from the tree in our garden

When I was in Canada I couldn’t wait to come home and eat loads of English sweets and chocolate, but looking at what I’ve been enjoying lately, none of these treats are English at all. But all soooo good!

Flowers around the house at the moment. The sweet peas are also from our garden

Simple Pleasures

My sister, my boyfriend, and myself have all been having our fair share of bad luck the past couple of weeks. This blog post is about the simple things that have brightened my mood and put a smile back on my face.

Matchachillo- my favourite summer drink

A roundabout filled with pretty flowers

Watching a random firework display from our window

I heart Latte art- this one was made by my boyfriend