About Me

Hi, my name is Alissa.

I am a twenty-something English girl born in Devon and I have an English husband called Antony who is currently on his way to becoming a Canadian citizen. I have spent the last couple of years going back and forth from England to Canada to be with him, and living in a different country has been a new experience for me but I love travelling and it has given me the opportunity to visit many places I never thought I would.

I started East or West, Home is Best at the end of 2012 when I had just settled into an apartment in Vancouver, Canada. It was created as a way for me to keep a record of all my experiences and special moments whilst living in Canada, but also a place to showcase images I have taken of things in life that I enjoy, like food, art, design, and beauty products.


-What camera do you use?
I use my IPad mini for all my photos, I find it so quick and easy to upload them onto my blog, and it fits perfectly in my bag so I can carry it anywhere

-What apps do you use for your photos?
I use Over, FontCandy, and Pic Stitch

-Are you on Instagram and Pinterest?
I sure am, you can find me on a Instagram here, and Pinterest here

-Why did you choose East or West, Home is Best for your blog name?
My mum thought of it, and I thought it was appropriate to my situation of travelling East to the UK and then back West to Canada, but home is always where I feel comfortable and happy

-Who designed your blog header?
My mum designed it by hand and then my dad did some tweaking on the computer and recreated it in digital format. Very handy having parents who are Graphic Designers

-When your in Canada what do you miss about England?
My family, my mum’s cooking, British humour, British TV, fish n chips by the seaside, visiting National Trust properties 

-When your in England what do you miss about Canada?
My husband Antony, Tim Hortons coffee, Ice Hockey games, Sephora, snowy mountains, canoeing on the lakes


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